200/300 WATTS Super-bright, Double Sided Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor.

Perfect for Homes, Office & Industrial set-ups.

  • Up to 400sq meters coverage.
  • Bright and Dim lighting modes.
  • PIR human motion sensing for 10 meters. 
  • Up to 24hrs lighting on a single day’s charge.

Take a Look at the Ergonomics:

  • Once turned on, the lamp will automatically detect darkness in the evenings and switch on, and at dusk, it’ll detect sunlight and switch off.


  • The lights will turn to Bright on detecting motion and fade back to Dim after the motion has passed. 

Super Easy to Install too

Comes with a FREE Pole and Screws; use a hammer/screw driver and Install with the panel side looking towards the sun.

Its so pocket Friendly, You’ll want to get a Pair.

Order Yours Today

300WATTS @ Ksh3,499; 200WATTS @ Ksh2,999

You Pay on Delivery

We will send a rider to deliver to you if within Nairobi and Kiambu. Delivery charges are from Sh. 200-500 depending on location.

Outside these areas, we use G4S Courier Services. You are required to Pay ONLY Delivery Fees Before we send your goods. Delivery Fees is from Sh. 200-500 depending on location.

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