Premium German Quality, Stainless Steel Cookware at the Best Discounted Price.






See-through glass with a classy bluish color.
Lids are equipped with a Temperature gauge as well as a Pressure Release hole.

Stainless steel and Aluminum material are used to produce the Shinny, Scratch resistant pots that complement your Décor.

The Stay Cool Handles will Remain Cool due to the Bakelite insulation layer. That means that you to use it comfortably even while cooking.

Innovative 7 layer Aluminum base that is designed to save energy through fast heat transmission.

Set Includes:

Bakelite mats – Place them under the Cook/serve pots to protect table surface from heat damage.

Steam Pot – Place it above the cooking pots while you cook so as to steam your Vegetables.

Suction Knobs – Attach them to the Mixing Bowl & Plastic lid so as to use them as lids.

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