White camel towels

The best money can buy!


When you are using a towel, you need one that is soft and kind to your skin. The towels are well-known for having these qualities and you will love how fluffy they feel.  This softness makes them ideal for anyone with sensitive skin too


Normal towels can soon get worn out with use over time. This will not happen with this towels as they will last for many years in great condition.  this feature will actually save you money in the long term.


no harmful chemicals used when the towels are made. They simply give you a safe and luxurious way to dry off when needed.


They will also look amazing when in your home and help give it a real air of decadence.

Get towel of your choice at an amazing offer.

Face towel: Size - 30cm*30cm @ksh400

Hand towel: Size - 40cm*65cm @ksh700

Medium towel: Size - 75cm*150cm @ksh1950

Large towel: Size - 100cm*150cm @ksh2300

How do we deliver?

We will send a rider to deliver to you if within Nairobi and Kiambu. Delivery charges are from Sh. 200-500 depending on location.

Outside these areas, we use G4S Courier Services. You are required to Pay ONLY Delivery Fees Before we send your goods. Delivery Fees is from Sh. 200-500 depending on location.

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